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The Brothers Brunch is a Gentleman's experience through Cuisine, Culture, and Connection. Each brunch is themed with an emphasis on style and sophistication. Kevan Turman is the creator of The Brothers Brunch. His inspiration behind starting this platform was the desire to bring his diverse network of men together to one table for a unique dining and networking event. His affinity to the 1920's; a distinctive era for cultural change remains the focus as it pertains to the energy and atmosphere of each brunch. The 20’s stylistically redefined men's fashion. For men, the 20’s evoked a definitive masculine aesthetic. Today, our society is intrigued and fascinated with this notion of the roaring twenties which proves to be timeless, classic and vintage. While trendy, fashion during this time was a strong statement of prominent gentleman-ship evidenced through hats ties and accessories. The Brothers Brunch today is a reflection of yesterday... it is a platform to bring the old spirit of Class and Culture back to today's society with key elements of good food, expansion of one's palette and good atmosphere and exposure in the midst of Great Company.

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